Monday, August 21, 2017

Greens Aeration starting Tuesday August 22nd.
Over the weekend I spoke with a member of Whitemarsh Valley CC on our practice green. He mentioned to me something that I never really though about. "The greens are always slower on the weekend before greens aeration, compared to other weekends" he stated. This isn't exactly music to my ears but it kind of  made sense. Every year for at least the last twenty years we would spray foliar fertilizer on the greens to perk them up and make them as healthy as possible before aeration. If you think about it, the act of aeration may be one of the most aggressive practices we do on the putting surfaces. We core out plugs, drag them around, throw on some sand and grind it all in, all during the pleasant weather of mid- August. Our special mixture of product was like a witches brew of liquid nitrogen, micronutrients and other plant health products to get the plants growing and healthy.
And as you all know....... healthy turf on greens is slow turf !

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