Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The little things we can all do to help the golf course!

     With July behind us and the dog days of summer ahead of us, here are a few things that everyone can do to help the golf course.

Repair your “ball marks” on the green:

These unsightly blemishes are absolutely preventable and if every golfer just repaired their own ball mark, the greens would appear to be smoother and healthier.

Replace you divot on tees and fairways:

I understand that it is easier to reach over to your golf cart and grab some divot sand to use, but in reality a well replaced divot has a 10 time better chance for complete recovery than sand with seed mixed in.

Keeping your cart on the path at the green and tee area:

I would mention that it is extra helpful to keep all four tires on the path. Just by carts constantly running over the edges of the path will cause compaction and loss of turf.
Not making extremely sharp turns on the fairways:

This is the most preventable turf damage. The newer golf carts have a very tight turning radius, add that to a golfer checking a sprinkler head for yardage and we have turf damage. The fairways are cut at .390” and it does not take too much to bruise the turf, this type of damage will stick around a while.
Watch where you spray sunscreen and insect repellent:

The same ingredient that helps the product come out of the can and dry quickly on your skin will be the ingredient that kills the turf. When applying these products, please do so while standing on a cart path.

And finally……… careful where you place your drinks:

There is nothing better than walking down a fairway on a warm sunny day with a cool beverage in your hand. The only problem is that you must put it down to hit your next shot or line up your next putt. I have seen many examples of spilled drinks on the golf course this year, and believe me it is long lasting. Damage has occurred on the 3rd and 8th greens and the 8th fairway, so please be mindful when enjoying that cold beverage.









Parking carts at the range.

Please remember to park your cart at the turn-a-round circles behind the practice tee. We are planning to increase paved parking this fall, but until then please keep carts on the path. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Please remember! Apply sprayable sunscreen while standing on a cart path.

This picture shows turf damage to the 11th fairway (actually 3 separate spots). The person applied spray on sunscreen or insect repellant while standing on the fairway turf. The ingredients that allow the product to be sprayed are the culprits for the damage. You may notice the green areas that look like the outline of two feet, this is where the person was standing so the spray was not able to settle on these two spots. So please remember to use the spray products in the locker rooms or while standing on a cart path.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Course closed today for member guest preparation .

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Please! Be careful with your cart on the fairways....

This is turf damage from a golf who wanted to check the distance to the green. The person drove up to the sprinkler and made the sharpest & quickest turn they possibly could to get back to the ball. Please remember that golf is played on grass not blacktop.