Friday, October 21, 2011

Conditions update:

Golf Course Update as of Oct 21, 2011:

Weather conditions have improved greatly over the last few weeks. When it does rain, it is now followed by four days of sunny, dry weather. If you remember the last two and a half months we would have a rainy day followed by four more rainy days. The next five days look promising for both the turf and golf.

Improvements are continuing on holes 1 and 18 to repair damage from the wet weather. We have continued to sod more areas on the right side of 1 fairway. The main benefit of this process is to reclaim proper drain channels and to improve the turf. Stripping of the turf has been completed on the 1st fairway. Low pockets have been graded out so they do not hold excess water. The remainder of the bentgrass sod on the 1st fairway will be installed the week of Oct. 31. As was mentioned before, the existing turf on the fairway was extremely thin from the constant flooding and silt layering. Also, the rough surrounding the 18th fairway will be replaced with bluegrass sod out to 33 feet from the fairway edge. Grading work has also been done to hasten drainage off the fairway.

Flood Plain Project:

Work Completed since Oct 7th:

Three of the four ponds are finished with the dredging process.
Two of the six bridge abutments have been excavated and one is in process of forming out the footers.
Phase 1 of the dry creek is completed.
A portion of fill has been placed on fairways 13,14 and 15.
Wall layout for #17 has been staked out.
The fourth pond is in the dredging process.
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Forming of footer for new bridge.